Tesla’s `Disappointing` Results – Is Elon Really Bothered?

According to the media, multiple Category creator and dominator, Elon Musk’s Tesla EV and battery manufacturer recently turned in a…

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The Other Reason WeWork Didn’t Work

So after weeks of rumour WeWork finally entered Chapter 11 administration as a consequence of a massive debt pile and…

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SaaStr event

The year of efficiency – lower your multiples and raise your sights

It was an honour and privilege to be at SaaStr London. Founder, Jason Lemkin, and his crew of ‘Pirates and…

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folder categories in a draw

Is Creating New Categories Really `Too Hard`?

We’re often approached by companies and their financiers, who currently operate in a broad de-facto software category such as Accounting,…

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person using a mobile phone talking to an AI Chatbot

All Mod Cons – Generative AI and Category Name modification

It has been decades since tech hype was as high as it was with the unveiling of the chatbot ChatGPT.…

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Winston Churchill - Tech

Never let a good crisis go to waste – start your tech Category journey now

To paraphrase the Chinese curse we in the tech community are living in `interesting times`. Record amounts are being raised…

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Poker cards category

Tech needs category strategy, not casino spending

As the world currently goes through economic turbulence, affecting every aspect of the tech environment, investors are now considering, more…

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Paradigms, Categories and Ecosystems

Paradigms, Categories and Ecosystems

The word Paradigm traces to a Greek verb meaning "to show," and has been used in English to mean "example"…

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Categories matter more in a downturn

Three reasons categories matter most during downturns There’s no escaping the economy. Some recent conversations with Enterprise Tech sales teams…

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Research proves People are the biggest barrier to Category Creation

Why is it some individuals can be dead against what are clearly good ideas?  It’s a question that David Schonthal…

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