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Impressionism and the 10 Rules of Category Success

The thing about Category design is that it’s often talked about just in terms of technology businesses. That’s fine, technology…

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Nvidia chips

Pivot mastery: Nvidia’s AI Category journey

In a year of ongoing company consolidation and death in tech, GPU chipmaker Nvidia’s one-day market value increase this week…

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The Hard Yards of Category Design

Much of the fun and all of the focus on Category Design happens in the early stages of the journey.…

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Team blog

Keeping your Team Onboard your Category Journey

We’ve talked about in our podcast `The Difference Engine`, on the importance of getting board alignment, and the need to…

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Category strike

The Magnificent Seven – the essential components of a first Category Strike

A first Strike is the moment you reveal your new tech Category to the world. You’ll never get  another chance…

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AI collaboration

Bye-Bye Digital Assistance, Hello AI Collaboration

Life and death in Category is invisible to most. Not to the team at Categorical. We know the smartest tech…

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post office

The Post Office Scandal – Endless state IT-related failure impacts Europe’s ability to produce Category leaders

The appalling Post Office Horizon scandal highlights a culture that makes central government, with some notable exceptions, `a dysfunctional buyer…

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tech platform

Creating Value. Pivoting from a non-tech Category to a tech Platform

In the recent tech boom companies fell over themselves to convince investors and the markets that they were tech companies. …

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Why Marc Benioff’s `Trailblazer` should be on your Christmas reading list

We’ve often quoted Eddie Yoon and Linda Deeke’s seminal Harvard Business Review work showing how Category leaders, and those that…

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AI Data Centres. Can a District become a Category Leader?

London is the largest of the FLAP (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris) data centre markets. Apparently that’s because of the…

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