Case studies

Sales tech start up

When a leader in software for sales teams needed to lay out its vision for the future of enterprise selling called us, we scrambled producing a killer category which was instantly endorsed by the analyst community. The Category we built attracted a trade buyer who also adopted the vision as it, in turn, sets out to redefine the future of digital work.

Management Software pivot

When the founder of a 20 year-old middleware player woke up with a vision for a new way to frame his market, we took his call. Several iterations of our PoV and intense work on the buying personas, current and in the future, powered a transformation. It changed the product line-up, sales model and how the world saw this software pioneer, forever.

Industrial IoT startup

Breaking away from a true industry legend, this spin out needed to carve an identity which was distinctive, yet built on its heritage. Carving out a new niche, while coding state-of-the art Artificial Intelligence software, proved an interesting challenge, especially when the Category encompasses the world’s largest companies and assets in the trillions.

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