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Different not better

Your business faces a simple choice.
Build Your Category or be Categorised.

Make your move

Or don’t. Either way, Category Creation happens every day.

Category Creation liberates your businesses from the tyranny of sameness.

Build your Category with our proven methodology.

Why build categories?

Categories change daily with or without your input.

So why not define and lead yours?

Attract the best teams, partners and investors. Build the strongest brand and own customer success.

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Who builds categories?

Those who want to change the world’s Point of View build Categories.

Not brands.
Not solutions.
Not products.

We are here to help.

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What’s a Category?

It’s not
What the quadrant/wave/box/coffin analysts dictate.
A marketing tagline.
The latest technological advance.

It is
Different, not better.
A real customer problem.
How future generations will see the need.

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How to build your category

Categories start as compelling visions.

But Category Building is not for everyone. If you prefer someone else categorising your vision, this is not your route.

If not. Let’s talk.

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Point of view

Bowie, Copernicus, Einstein, Ford, Hawkings, Jobs and Musk saw things differently.

They saw a flawed world as the wrong starting point. They left the status quo.

They knew better doesn’t last. They knew better doesn’t scale and, sooner or later, better is always bettered.

They realised small steps meant no real change and demanded our attention.

When they succeeded, they changed the world’s Point of View.

Now it’s your turn. With your vision, we can build huge value from your own Category. Let’s create.

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